Friday, September 26, 2008

Morning Bad/Night Good ~ So Says Doctor Shoal

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(Original article found at Modern Mechanix)
The handsome Doctor Shoal is seen here testing his ERO (Electrical Recording Instrument) on famous Blogger and BSDD (Blogger Sleep Deprivation Disorder) sufferer Drowsey Monkey. Ms. Monkey has not been able to work in the morning ever since she started blogging over one year ago (but woo-woo!...check out that sexy arm!) and Doctor Shoal says he "intends to stay up-late and on-line every single night for as long as it takes to find out why!" Hopefully the good doctor will find for a cure for troublesome brain disorders such as BSDD, OCD (Obsessive Computer Disorder) and the dreaded (and sometimes embarassing) MBPD (Multiple Blogger Personality Disorder) which seems to be on the rise and running rampant in the blogosphere!

For more information and examples of all sorts of brain disorders, be sure to visit one of Doctor Shoal's multiple personalities blogs: Doctor Shoal, Speedcat Hollydale Page, 0007 Undercover TAGMEMAWARDCAT, Hollydale Golf Notes, Cripe Zone, The Phepping Foundation, I Am Grampa. (Oh, and tell him Olga, the Traveling Bra Nurse Amanda says "Happy Anniversary! I just love you to pieces Doctah!.... and...Happy 1,000th Post!")


Drowsey Monkey said...


omg...LOL!!! You are the QUEEN of the photoshop! AHAHAHA!!

He's not gonna play doctor with me is he? Altho I look rather happy about it.

Is that my nose?

Nurse Amanda Hugankiss said...

Hmmmmmmmm, judging by the looks on BOTH of your faces, I think maybe he already did Drowsey! And I don't know nothing about your nose...but hey - NICE arm! :)

Anonymous said...

Smootchee 4 EVERYONE! ... after surgery of course

Nurse Amanda Hugankiss said...

Oh BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Drowsey was a very sweet and cooperative patient. She was upset with my cold stethescope, though.

I wanted to hug her before she left the office ... but was reluctant. She seemed to be a non hugger. Just a vibe - "I wonder still"

Nurse Amanda Hugankiss said...

I dunno about Drowsey...but I like hugs!!! :) Professionally speaking of course.

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol...well, since I'd just been probed, not sure how appropriate a hug would have been.

We do look happy there, don't we.

Nurse Amanda Hugankiss said... have a certain "glow"....

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Happy?? Shit, it was the best time of my life!!!!!!!!!!

... sorry for cussin` nurse ~ I get all emotional thinking about it.

memories ... misty water colored memeories, like the corners of my mind .... of the way we were

Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind .... we gave them to each other

Doctor Shoal wants to know ... if we had the time to do it all again, could we, would we????

What is to painful to remember, we forget

I remember the laughter, and Drowsey .... the way we were back then.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Sounds like somebody needs to use his Amazing Surgical Memory Pump!!!

Speedcat Hollydale said... it a new train!!!

Nurse Amanda Hugankiss said...


No. I don't think so?